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    Space Art

    All of existence is alive....from our DNA to forces that are light years away, to be magnets of living thought in harmony with everything.

    January 12, 2010







  • About Me

    • Love jazz/soul mostly, and related. Some classical. Miles Davis, Ahmad Jamal, Brubeck, Milt Jackson, Diane Reeves, Joe Sample...many others. I play a little.

    • Raiders of the Lost Ark, still love it. Hotel Rwanda, Sometime in April, In My Country, 7th Sign, Akeelah and the Bee, Day the Earth Stood Still, Guess Who?...sci fi, adventure, docudramas....

    • Not much of a TV watcher. College football mostly, NFL, news and documentaries. Occasionally NCIS, Criminal Minds, Ancient Secrets, SciFi, Discovery, History....

    • The Dynamics of Change, various writers on the Mayan Prophecies, Cracking the Bible Code, Apocalypse 2012, The God Code, Dead Sea Scrolls, the Jesus Papers, Essene Gospel of Peace, Forged: which explores some Bible writers who may not be who we think they are, An Essay on Morals, from Genesis to Genetics and Back, I Chose to Stay by Thomas-EL (a book about inner city kids and a national chess championship). Anything spiritual and connections to theoretical physics, existence and the search for God, Allah, Jehovah, Krishna, Ra, Ma'at, and other names, cultures, traditions, and languages that speak to the Spirit of the Universe.

    • College football, NFL, college basketball....occasionally gymnastics, track, boxing and ice skating.

    • FRIENDSHIP, PHILOSOPHY, SCIENCE and GOD. I'm an introspective thinker. fascinated by nature, by black holes in space, theoretical physics, philosophy, matters of faith and God, and the cultural dynamics at work in our lives. I'm a newspaper reporter and editorial writer by way of background, an inner city teacher, public affairs, a fling with the Washington political scene, and some radio talk.

    • Reaching out across race and culture to bring ourselves to understanding and common ground bring an end to conflict, hatred, greed, arrogance, war, genocide, self-destruction....achieve peace and freedom through trust, friendship and love.

    • Laid back, thoughtful, caring, open, accessible....hell, I've also been accused of having a sense of humor!

    • INTUITIVE, INTROSPECTIVE, CALM and, uh, maybe SILLY too! I tend to step outside my Christian roots and seek to embrace truths to be found that are common in all faiths from the Torah to the Quaran, Hindu meditation, Buddhist inner seeking and other seeds of culture in our diversity, different peoples and different cultures who see creation in different measure and hues, and spoken of in different languages. The love of our differences and uniqueness is our unifying language.

    • Ok, I lOVE this tune, "Softly, as the Morning Rises." I have a great Dianne Reeves recording of this in New Orleans, a favorite city of mine. But THIS version I came across quite by accident. I have NO idea who this vocalist is. But she is OUTSTANDING, as is her keyboardist's chordal progressions. This swings in a nice way. Her bassist gives depth, the drummer gives tasteful urgency to it. THEN my wonderful jazz violinist REGINA CARTER, classically trained pianist GERALD CLAYTON, and bassist RON CARTERs' smooth version of "Someday My Prince Will Come." ALSO lots of other awesome jazz greats: Ahmad Jamal, Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Jean Luc Ponty, Milt Jackson, Oscar Peterson, Monty Alexander, wonderful songstress Dianne Reeves with solid jazz players, and many more. So enjoy to your fullest.....

    • Sun sign is Cancer, moon sign Libra. Hmmmm, maybe that makes me crabby but, hey, I apply it fairly, and with balance! Yeah, love family, but also adventurous, very open to learning from all cultures, traditions, matters of faith. Oh, and if you're into astrology more, my Ascendant is Scorpio. Add a dab of silly humor to the mix and....holy crap... there I am!!

    • I do not "collect" friends. Not my thing. Generally, I keep my friend's list low so it's manageable so I can communicate with everyone. Also, NO PHOTO, NO reply. I want to see your FACE. A photo of your dog or cat, or bustline, feet, or your car or house won't do! As for gay gentlemen, I DELETE you. Sorry, just not wired that way.