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    November 29, 2008







  • About Me

    • Anything that Rocks baby!! :)

    • "Californication", "Dexter", , "CSI", "True Blood", Walking Deat, "Stargate"

    • My book, The Holy G-rail G-spot, R-relating, A-anatomy, I-into, L-lovemaking. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE "G"

    • The bedroom kind! (wink)

    • Making all women feel cherished! I believe all women are The Holy Grail....My goal is to help people connect to their one true soul. By learning to love themselves!

    • Living in Jamaica. (I have some land there) .I'm in the process of developing workshops for different retreats ( for couples and singles) to help people bring passion back into their lives and to learn to love themselves. Only when you learn to love yourself, can you recognize the love that comes to you from others. :)

    • Use your imagination!

    • I'm a Sex and Sensuality Life Coach and author of the self-help book The Holy G-rail. With my extensive background in the Healing Arts and Psychology, I have an intuitive edge and the ability to see into situations and heal through the experiences I and others have had. I believe that the women within our lives are the "Holy Grail” and, if treated as such, they will cause a sense of immortality and a renewed outlook to life. As Creation flows forth through me, my concepts are also designed to revitalize relationships and create a more intimate love life. Passionate, provocative, and deeply healing, his simple system of "relations" ignites the sexual spark and turns it into a flame. I have done many interviews across the US and abroad, from the local radio stations such as KBPI, The FOX, and KGNU in Colorado to international shows like Playboy Radio.

    • Hope you can check out my latest video on You Tube..It's all about the "G" (Just click on the video to the left of my page) Enjoy!

    • You can order my book at my site: or if you are in the UK

    • Feb. 21st

    • (Denver Sex and Sensuality Expert)

    • I own a Vacation Rental Villa G Denver on VRBO, operate and own a video Production company, Global CamZ, am an artist and owner of an art gallery Schuessler Studios and wrote one of the best SEX and SENSUALITY books out there, The Holy G-rail. Need I say more......(wink)