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    The Vision of our "Community" It's all about Support!, 💀𝐁𝐢ᵍ Ŝ𝐇ⒶD€ 😎 Gang 💲♪ ρ.Ļ.𝓟 ♧♝ ::::[]=¤ D̾E̾X̾X̾-̾ Bₐᵣₑᄂy Hᵤᗰₐ𝚗 These emoji have a very significant meaning 💀 🤞😎 and it represents us by being a legitimate sign keeping us all linked in the sain goes "A chain, is only strong as its Weakest link. So in this group we are making sure we cultivate a community Growth and expansion, by watching one another's 🔙 while also including opportunities for all fellow community members in participate in. while hopefully forging new positive networks and possibilities.

    Culture and Community - North America - By Location





    2𝓜𝔲ᶜʰ𝕊𝓪𝖚𝒸𝗲 🤌🏾🫠𝓓𝔢x̥ͦx⃒$


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Announcement: (▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿) BIG SHADE GANG guidelines

Welcome To the BIG SADE movement  a community of strea…

1 2𝓜𝔲ᶜʰ𝕊𝓪𝖚𝒸𝗲 🤌🏾🫠𝓓𝔢x̥ͦx⃒$ 2𝓜𝔲ᶜʰ𝕊𝓪𝖚𝒸𝗲 🤌🏾🫠𝓓𝔢x̥ͦx⃒$ 2𝓜𝔲ᶜʰ𝕊𝓪𝖚𝒸𝗲 🤌🏾🫠𝓓𝔢x̥ͦx⃒$ Nov 16, 2021 1:16pm

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