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    Sunuwar or Sunwar (Sunuwari; autonym: Kõits) The Kiranti-Kõits are one of the Mongoloid tribes (anthropologically: Mongoloid stock) who number 95,254. The term ‘Kõits’ is also the name of the mother tongue. Other terms like Mukhiya or Mukhia are exonyms of the tribe. There is another common teasing name (mainly given by outsiders) of the tribe coined from the Sunuwar language itself, e.g. Maaraapaache (lexically maar ‘what’ and patsaa ‘to do’, from when the speakers ask themselves maar patsaa? at the time of trouble). Sunuwars have their distinct language, religion, culture and social customs. They inhabit the eastern hills of Nepal. They are autochthonous to the Molung Khola, khijee, Likhu Khola and Khimti Khola .

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    Durga sunuwar(ดูร์กา)☠HBM☠


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2 sunuwar dress Durga sunuwar(ดูร์กา)☠HBM☠ Durga sunuwar(ดูร์กา)☠HBM☠ Aug 30, 2011 2:41am



1 Durga sunuwar(ดูร์กา)☠HBM☠ Durga sunuwar(ดูร์กา)☠HBM☠ Durga sunuwar(ดูร์กา)☠HBM☠ Aug 30, 2011 1:55am

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