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    The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.

    April 3, 2008



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  • About Me

    • READ BEFORE YOU ASK ME TO BUY YOU!!!!! -------- REQUIREMENTS to join my “! ! oOO PETS OOo ! !” TEAM or be on my CREW… 1) YOU MUST FIRST BECOME A BILLIONAIRE, if you are not yet a BILLIONAIRE AND you are a GOOD PLAYER I MAY BE WILLING TO HELP YOU, but you have to be SERIOUS ABOUT THE GAME… 2) Write to me and tell me what makes you a good pets player… 3) What I am looking for are players that have a good cash to value ratio, that are active and love to play the game. I will always keep my profile available to the public for all to see and have access to me… PLEASE do not get upset if I can't get back to you quickly… I will only buy the most serious payers… I want to help you grow in value and give you pointers on how to play the game. When I was a little pet I wish someone would have just given me a chance… If you think you deserve the chance I never had then intelligently explain that to me and I will try to help you… and remember, HAVE FUN OR DON’T PLAY!

    • Mafia Wars Information: Do not get all bent out of shape when you get Mafia Wars invites. I used to get so mad when I would get all these emails asking me to join someone’s Mafia… That is until I looked into what it was about; and this is what I learned:

    • You do not have to play Mafia to Accept invites to play and help the people who do play by Accepting their invites to play. All you have to do is set up your mafia… then simply accept their invitations and send your own… it takes about 1:30 seconds to do it so it’s not time consuming…. at all…

    • When you join someone's Mafia it don’t mean all of your other Mafia playing friend will be jealous…. You can be on all of their Mafias at the SAME TIME!

    • The best reason to go through the 2 minute process of setting up your Mafia and spending a minute and a half when you log in to accept invites is that it will HELP YOUR PETS GAME… Here is why: When you play Mafia all of your friends who play Mafia randomly see each other throughout their game, and when people see your picture and remember you they come back while they are playing Pets and buy your Pets. Look, I’m not at all in to Mafia Wars, to me its just a bunch of clicking with minimal interaction from other players, like a lonesome game... lol But if I can spend 30 seconds when I log in to help out the other people on my friends list who DO play Mafia then what’s the BIG DEAL? Besides, they are always seeing my picture when they play Mafia and I hope it reminds them to come pick up a pet or 2 from me

    • If you have a private profile when you are playing pets you are only hurting yourself… If I want to buy a large pet (anything over 40 million) I always want to check on a few things first… If you are private I cant see if you are real, if you are a good payer, if you have friends, how long you have had your profile etc… Most people who are scammers have private profiles, so if you are playing Pets, and you want people to buy you and your pets you limit yourself to potential buyers when you are private… I will not buy someone I cant see first… and don’t tell me to just accept your friend request to see you… that’s stupid… if you are private how the heck are people going to see you to buy you off my page??? If you are prone to go private then you are automatically a bad choice as a pet I want to buy… Think about it, I buy pets to sell, if I cant sell you because you are "private" then why would I ever buy you to start with?

    • I will not buy your fake profile… This isn’t my first rodeo people… Do not ask me to come buy your profile that you ran up between your other fake profiles and try to pawn of a crap pet on me… Never ever ask me to buy you… I can see if you are a good player and I only buy good players… So don’t ask me unless your cash + pets = your value or more… Look at my pets page and my VALUE… then add up my cash and all of my pets VALUES… its over 130bil… that’s the sign of a good player… Whether your value is 22billion or 22thousand It’s all the same, the sign of a fake or crap pet is the cash & pets = only 1/2 the value…. that’s not a real pets player, Its some jack A@@ trying to pretend it is a player to get bought… VALUE is not what’s IMPORTANT, unless you are just a dumb B^#@*…. Work on getting your cash up to your value before you ask someone to raise you in value.

    • Wishers = Add Me Please = If you play pets, or even of you don’t --- add me to your wish list, please. Here is how: Go to my picture on my profile and to the left click "View Pets" (the little blue button) and that will take you to my Pets page, then click "Add To Wish List" Next to Wishers. People use the wish list to keep track of their friends that they want to buy or buy pets from or just keep track of. Your Wish List is on your pets page on the tab next to your pets…

    • If you want to say something me on my comments page and say something funny or intelligent then by all means, do so… BUT: I like flowers just as much as the next guy but it is not necessary that I have a single comment with 20 attached pictures of flowers or people kissing or some other dumb crap that makes noise or sings… That does not impress me at all… and I don’t think any guy wants all that BS on his page…(It just slows it down) and it damn sure don’t make me want to jump over to your page and buy you, or buy your pets… What I will do is block you’re A@@… So to sum it up, leave me a long comment with a bunch of pics or songs etc I WILL BLOCK YOU !!!