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  • Smoke E. Digglera


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    Smoke2011 of R&B group Playa (Cheers 2 U)

    November 29, 2006



  • About Me

    • R&B, HipHop, Gospel, Latin, & Pop

    • Smoke E. Digglera is an American singer, songwriter, producer and label owner. His music blends traditional Rhythm & Blues with elements of pop, hip-hop, jazz and the Motown. He rose to fame as lead singer of the R&B group Playa, whose hit single Cheers 2 U reached #3 on Billboard’s R&B / Hip Hop Chart. Their album, of the same name, is still viewed as a classic. After the group disbanded, Smoke E. Digglera formed his own record label, Bittersweet LLC., on which he released several solo projects and projects with artists he has signed to the label. For more on Smoke E. Digglera, go to