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Pankration - Mixed Martial Arts


    Pankration is a martial art sport introduced to the Greek Olympic Games in 648 BC and founded as a blend of boxing and wrestling. The term comes from the Ancient Greek, literally meaning "all powers. Some consider it as the first all-encompassing fighting system in human history. It is also arguable that pankration competitions in antiquity were the closest an athletic event has come to outright, no-rules, empty hand combat. Modern mixed martial arts competitions have come to feature many of the same methods that were used in pankration competitions in the ancient Greek world.

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Interested in Pankration?

Thanks for the invite i will read about it.

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Pankration Info. & Videos

Thank you greeky for providing the link to the Fighting Aut…

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مفيش حد هناء

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انا عاوز اتعرف على واحدة بتحب الجنس بدون كارت

ياريت عربى

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اطلب المساعدة

ممكن حد يرد علية علشان انا مش عارف حاجة

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انا جديد على لجروب

ممكن نتعرف

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Je connais rien en Art, au sec c'étais mes amis qui dessina…

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im into all type of sports. i just don't want too get hit i…

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