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    If you're talking behind my back, you're in a good position to kiss my ass..

    November 3, 2006



    Asian, Hispanic/Latino, Pacific Islander

  • About Me

    • Alejandro Sanz, Evanescence, Pavarotti, Phil Collins, Robbie Williams, Sting

    • Forrest Gump, Mindhunters, Shlinder's list, Star Wars, The Descent, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Green Mile, War of the Worlds, and SUPERMAN!!! well basically all super heroes, I own a comic store also, so I am into heroes ;)

    • 3ER GRADO, CLEAN AND SWEAP, CSI: Miami, House, The Simpsons, HOUSE, Heroes, the sopranos, and more...

    • Bible, Caballo de Troya by JJ Benitez.

    • I M A COUCH POTATO.. i watch ESPN sometimes tho... does that count?? no?? dang it!

    • Adopt a pet, Friends online, save the animals, SAVE THE WORLD, Stop animal pain, Web Design -- END VIVISECTION NOW!!!--- Animals cannot defend themselves!!!

    • Empty cages, respect and love for animals and their territory, Medical researches ending vivisection ASAP, and stronger laws-penalties to those who kill animals for stupid reasons... I HAVE A DREAM...

    • My teeth :D, the way I walk... my long hair ♥, my salsa dance skills ♫ , my multi-language skills also.. my perfumes and my smile..

    • It's very easy for silly people to think I'm somebody else or that my intentions here are focused on finding a man.. RELAX!!! the man of my life is not gonna be online... so.. save it...

    • Bad Breath, Closed-minded People, Gold Diggers, Stupidity, Two-Faced People. and those crazy to show their bacon" on cam...

    • FOREING ACCENTS, Intelligent People, NICE PROFILES, animal lovers, fair people.

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    • I find the need to express this to those who the selfsteem is doing really bad.. IF your "man" is sending me tags, comments, love, meets", gifts or emails, IS NOT MY PROBLEM,..... is yours.. so learn to be a Lady, and stop freaking out because I own the guy you have a crush with, is not my problem, I'm here and I play PETS" so I want you to know PETS- IS JUST A GAME!! only Idiots will be so upset for such a thing!!! if you have a problem with your significant other playing PETS" , contact 1-800-GET-BRAIN.. Gee!!...

    • I play PETS" and I'm happy to do so, thanks to all this adorable people around me (thanks below) in less than one week I became as valuable as 500 millions!! so, Im writing this because I AM LEARNING FROM THE BEST!!! and this is what I do: I buy people who really plays PETS" so.. DONT ASK ME TO BUY YOU~ -if you dont buy pets. -if you have cash and never buy one of mines or my friends's -if you just like to sit and watch" I think the people who play PETS' with me, deserves my priority, and my support, I don't have an attitude, I just want you to be fair.. and fair means: MOVE THE CASH!! AND DON'T BE SELFISH!! so If I buy something from you? BE KIND and move the cash!! I also play MAFIA WARS, and not because you see me all cute and girly IM NOT GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS.. so be ready, dont let my face fool you..

    • I'm on Tagged since 2006, but never spent so much time in here like this last week, and I must say it has been a great experience to meet this beautiful people, the ones in " Philipines, IM TITO DOCKS" loyal friends!!!the "Alliance ppl, the "In God's Army people, all of you really make this place AWSOME!!! Thank you again... specially my STREET RATS on MAFIA WARS... I recommend you to have Martha Stwart;s number handy.........

    • Tagged = Pets, Yoville, Mafiawars, Sorority life. Myspace = Mafiawars, Fashion wars, Own your friends, Yoville. Facebook = Farm Town, FarmVille, Mafiawars, Sority life, Vampire wars, Pirates. And on my spare time, sometimes i sleep....