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    January 3, 2010



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  • About Me

    • Tiziano Ferro - Breathe Gentle , Lemar-Weight Of The World, Jason Mraz - I'm Yours, Jason DeRulo - Whatcha Say, Jay Sean - Down, Buddha-Bar (lots of them)

    • Avatar, The Secret, 2012, The Day after Tomorrow, Armageddon, Ice Age (all of them :)

    • I hardly open TV, and mostly on Discovery and National Geografic

    • I read science books, encyclopedia, love geography, occult sciences (specially palmistry), Books about mental control (kind of *the Secret* staff)

    • swimming, scuba diving, rafting, tennis, skating, jogging & ski

    • sports, hiking

    • I am leaving my dream already. My life is wonderful

    • friendly, sporty, allways optimistic

    • I have an out-door life. I am sporty, I love swimming, tennis and go almost every week in the mountains, or skiing or for landscape and barbecue with my gang of * crazy * or only with my honey (when there is one). The greatest achievement of my life are my friends. I have nothing against expanding my circle of friends or find new partners / partner for my favorite sports: swimming, scuba diving, rafting, ice skating or roller skating, jogging, golf, badminton, tennis, table tennis, skiing (still beginner), gym or horse riding. I may also go to bowling, billiards, dart, theater (just comedy) and movies. I could take you with me if you are behaving nicely :-p

    • Don't imagine that my *friends* in here really are my friends. I don't believe a word that anyone has a real picture in here (except me of course :). So, people you see on my friend list are playing Pets with me... probably they took pictures from google and post it in here to have a higher price on Pets... I don't care... I am just playing..

    • YES!

    • I don't wanna be rude, but I don't wanna see any messages, winks, tags and so on... from gay people! Pleeeeaseee! Read what it says there on Orientation: STRAIGHT!!!! STRAIGHT!!!! STRAIGHT!!!! STRAIGHT!!!! Also.. no more messages from massage salons, bitches & their prices, generally advertising and games invitations except pets! I AM NOT INTERESTED!