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  • Honey💘 Thanks U Genius


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    I am looking for good decent art loving female💘 friends

    December 8, 2010






  • About Me

    • Old Folk,Turkish and Spanish

    • Gladiator, Avatar, titanic, troy,300,saving private Ryan,Dukhtar,Blind Love,Alexander,etc

    • Dirilis Ertugral

    • Holy Quran is the Best Book bestowed upon all humanity. The collector,A bridge too far,mein Kamf by adolf Hitler. Military history books,Old man & the sea-by earnest Hamingway.

    • Lawn Tennis, Riding Horses,had been a Cavalry Incharge FC Balochistan.

    • stamps collecting Painting teaching and healing disorders. Geography,History,Loving and Caring my friends.Watching Movies about Army and Battles in Realist ways.

    • wish that peace pervails in all universe

    • I am very Honest and sincere with all my friends

    • I am a simple and innocent soul

    • I am also looking for nice sincere friends and stamps lovers.Need very respectable good friends who can share thoughts and ideas with me.

    • my Pics are Real Name is real Nick name and Looking for very nice decent friends.Not looking for sexual affairs etc. obmsaif in google sites is my web site

    • I am US qualified master therapist of pressure points.Hence, can help any disorders.Do not have any Family and relations, so I Look for sincere Friends.

    • WHY TAGGED?:I am constantly being asked, "WHY I AM ON THIS DATING SITE? It is simple as I like its formate, especially the Profile page, where you can express yourself in words as well as pictures. Next is the messaging style and its wide coverage, where I don't have to arrange small windows together.