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  • DJ XTC


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    'The Blue pill'

    Just like the drug.....without the dangerous side effects!

    March 25, 2007





  • About Me

    • I am into all kinds of music. You name I have it or I am tryng to get it. My mp3 library is at about 2tb and growigr everyday. I collect all genres so if there is something you think I may like, send it my way and I will do the same.

    • My favorite movies are movies about character, setting yourself to a higher standard, and never saying can't. Good exmples are: 1) The Vernon John's story (James Earl Jones)- very hard to find on movies shelves but worth the search. 2) Remember the Titans (Denzel Washington)- my son and I were extras in this film. I always get chills in the scene where the coach gives the 'make them NEVER forget the night the played the titans' speech. (mufasa, mufasa, mufasa!!!)

    • The friends with who I associate. I try to always stay positive and 'The Secret' teaches that positive energy manifests positive actions. I try to network and mentor from like minded inviduals in the hope that we will infect each other thereby helping each other achieve our goals.

    • You get two guesses. Who would have thunk that I could make some spare change doing something that I would do for free. That is, if my kids didn't want that new PS3 thingie. :-0 It is the greatest thing to play the hottest cut or an old jam, then switch it up to excite the crowd in front of you. That's the real drug right there - and no harmful side effects.

    • I am living it! My family, watching my kids grow to look less like me and more like something that will be greater than I will ever be. Living in a state of comfortability - and I am there on most days and I am okay with that. Ohhhh, having Janet Jackson confess that she has always had a crush on me[she has denied that for far too long (LMBAO)].