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    Just try to have a good heart...

    January 20, 2008



  • About Me

    • Physicality's .. Slim .. 6'0" / 179 cm .. 185 lbs / 84 kg .. Hair colour black but thinking of going white .. Viewpoint Liberal Language English lets all speak the language of love .. Not So much a "Man" kind .. as Humane Being .. Buddhist non fanatical vegetarian . . love animals but couldn't eat a whole one! Looking for a life companion who's kind & creative with an interest in yoga, spiritual philosophy and such things , for wonderful stimulating conversation.

    • Favourite books: Chrysalis by John Wyndam - End of eternity by Issac Asimov - Art of happyiess by the Dali Lama - Centre of the cyclone by J.C.Lilly ... My current favourite author is Stanislav Grof who seems to be doing for psychiatry what Uncle Albert did for science.

    • Favourite Films: Roman Holiday (audrey hepburn's 1st black & white movie), Barbarella, fifth element, practical magic, Blade Runner, big, dogma, overboard, blues brothers, Koyaanisqatsi, ferngully, secret of nimh, all dogs go to heaven, akira, Laputa and all "ghibly" studio japanese animation.

    • Favourite T.V. Show: doesn't exist yet but will thrill us whilst informing the more spiritual aspects of life required for contentment & lasting happiness not currently enjoyed in population at large due to its incompatibility with profit driven consumerism.

    • Favorite foods: Italian, Indian, Chinese, vegetarian, feeding on JOY .. tasting love ..

    • Personal interests: Listening to music.. being in nature .. meeting friends relaxing and lazing about .. stimulating conversation and interpersonal physical interactions ..