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Fantastic Female Friends Of John T (John David Thomas - John Thomas) Of New York, USA


    Club for exclusive females who are friends of John David Thomas (aka John Thomas) of New York, USA,, born March 30, 1951 in Indiana, USA, lifelong musician, photographer, composer/songwriter, "World-famous", lover of beauty in all its forms. Member of ASCAP, MENSA, worldwide. Former "Rock star", V.I.P. in 32 books since 1989, including famous, prestigious "Who's Who in America" 11 editions (1995-2006) and "Who's Who in the World" 15 editions (1992-2006) and "Who's Who in Entertainment' 1992 and "Who's Who in the West" 1989 and "International Who's Who in Music for classical music" 1992 (Melrose Press, IBC, Cambridge, England), more. My original music is famous. Enjoy!

    Romance and Relationships - Singles/Dating - 20`s and 30`s





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Announcement: More info about "the Universe" and us on Earth: science facts

Scientists worldwide agree (most of them) that the "Big Ban…

2 John T🅰️ HVP UPP 69 VIP John T🅰ROCKSTAR*69VIP John T🅰ROCKSTAR*69VIP Jul 16, 2021 6:07pm

Announcement: Checking IN/OUT sign-in/out for members

Checking IN/OUT  2:46 PM EDT (-5:00 GMT)

6 John T🅰️ HVP UPP 69 VIP John T🅰️ HVP UPP 69 VIP John T🅰️ HVP UPP 69 VIP May 13, 2021 11:46am

Some "food for thought'...Universal Truths...(laws of the Universe that are always true, no matter where in the Universe you are, or when

F=MA (Force equals "mass" times "acceleration") E=mcXc…

1 John T🅰️ HVP UPP 69 VIP John T🅰️ HVP UPP 69 VIP John T🅰️ HVP UPP 69 VIP May 17, 2021 9:45am

NEWS from Group members for all of Group to see and/or learn...continuing...

I am so happy to now have, for the very first time in 4 yea…

1 John T🅰ROCKSTAR*69VIP John T🅰ROCKSTAR*69VIP John T🅰ROCKSTAR*69VIP May 14, 2021 1:22am

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