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    • Recently - The Bible, The secrets To Manifesting Your Destiny - Wayne Dyer, The Power of Visualization - Leo Pulos, The Abundance Paradigm - Joe Vitale, Speaking The Lost Language of God - Gregg Braden, 10K Per Month - Cedrick Harris, The Business of the 21st Century - Robert Kiyosaki, Integrity Is Everything - John Lavenia

    • In working from home and showing others how to do the same creating residual income. Give one a fish and they will eat for a day, show one how to fish and they eat, their family and friends eat for life.

    • To help as many individuals as I can to become self reliant and awaken the sleeping that they may be all that they can be. The government is not helping so we have to help each other and we do.

    • My purpose is to express my faithfulness, tenacity and desire for knowledge by trusting in things not seen, by sticking to my goals no matter what and by always understanding. To be able to teach others how to be successful, To create videos, blogs and articles. Understand something new each day and share it. To be lean but not mean and be an outstanding team leader who creates an empowering enviornment for phenomenal growth. Having the patience to to help anyone that has a burning desire to be successful succeed. Develop a growing network of individuals that become marketing experts using video email and learn to create a substantial residual income.

    • Well my intention was to redo this to reflect my overwhelming desire to return to Tagged being able to spend as much time as I did when I first joined engaging in communication with my Tagged friends. Yet after reading this I decided that there's really not anything to change or update. Because of the aforementioned statements I've had amazing success in my endeavors. Everything that I said I would do has created the attitude of leader in me and my being recognized by many. Now I would be estatic if I can create a group here on Tagged in which I can teach and help all that desire to improve thier lifestyles. Residual indcome can change your life and build a financial fence around you, your family and your home. An impenetrable secrure barrier to protect from any chyanges that the world can bring. Look for my request to you to join my group soon. May you and yours be abundantly and continually blessed. You are not alone!

    • To all my Tagged friends that have given incredible support with Tags and Comments. Yet my not responding should not give the impression they were not appreciated for I am truly grateful and I feel honored to be your Tagged friend. Thanks Tagged for all the great upgrades I see happening!