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Black Things We Need To Know


    The group Black Things we Need to Know is about learning not just about black history post-slavery days but to learn about our ancient history to uncover the lies we were taught in school and religion. Keeping an open mind will lead us closer to the truth. However, faith and emotions will lead us further away from uncovering facts we need to understand. Black Things we Need to Know's agenda is discussing issues and obstacles we face as a people and among ourselves; not to argue but find resolve. Here you can ask the hard questions and get real answers. Learn how we have struggled in a land we helped build yet we have not learned to work together and create a common bond in our communities. How can we bring about change in the future if as a people if we do not know our history? Black folks have not achieved that community bond that other cultures who work together have produced while Black men and women are still divided and struggle daily.

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    Bert W


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