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  • Frances L


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    Love is the greatest adventure!

    February 12, 2014






  • About Me

    • I do enjoy different kinds of music; Bette Midler, Rod Stewart, Gato B., Santana, Doors, Fun, Sam Cooke, Brook Benton, Monkees, Beatles, like Sax, sultry songs and PF, GD, Who, Beethovan, Mazurosky and other classical musicians, Zydeco has its merits, come to think of it most genres do except maybe hip hop and rap

    • The range of movies is so vast from silent to action Who does not like Errol Flynn, Paul Newman, a young Mel Gibson, of course George Clooney, any man that makes my heart throb, Tom Selleck, Hugh Jackman, or he can be a great character actor such as David Suchet; but who can forget the stirring movies with Bette Davis, Rosalind Russell, I could go on but I won’t

    • As you can guess, I enjoy old movies but on TV I like NCIS-all the franchises, Doctor Who, Masterpiece Theatre, Suits, Cooking shows, Elementary, Game of Thrones and more

    • Yes, I do read I enjoy Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb-mysteries, sci fi, fantasy, etc

    • My favorite athletes how about those football players wearing really tight uniforms and some of those baseball players

    • Wine tasting, TSO, Shun Yen, Cirque,aquariums, dog shows etc

    • To find someone with whom I can share

    • smile uh well you decide

    • Ask Me over wine