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  • Patricia S


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    I remain a student of life and change; and I stand for the race of humanity—in all its diversity and with its flaws as well as its virtues.

    January 12, 2010



    Black, Native American, Other



  • About Me

    • Dance, Techno Pop, Classic Rock (some Alternative is good), Glam Rock, R&B (any that's really good), ethnic and folk music, etc. Artists: The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Bowie, Prince, Madonna (as much for her mind-set as her music), Fefe Dobson (love her feistiness!), David Arkenstone (New Age. Fantasy lovers check him out.), Johnny Mathis (At his peak—and even somewhat short of it—his voice IS music.), Kate Bush (if I have ever heard a voice even nearly like Kate's, I don't recall it—most uncommon.), Amadeus (Classical music can be updated and made much less esoteric without totally compromising its credibility and integrity as classical music.), Kid Creole & the Coconuts (!!!), The Cars, Adam Lambert, and last and certainly not least—Charice Pempengco

    • FILMS: The Crying Game, the Underworld movies, Aliens (which I feel may be the best film of its kind ever), Titanic (an epic), Gladiator (likewise), She's All That, The Howling, Fright Night 1 and 2, Transamerica (I really wish that there were more good GBLT movies), Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Bravo!), Kick-Ass (and I usually hate profanity?) .... ACTORS: who doesn't like and respect Johnny Depp's work (UPDATE: Okay—this guy's act is definitely starting to get old; and I absolutely HATE what he and Tim Burton have done to Dark Shadows—worse than the remake of Fright Night!), Will Smith, Miranda Richardson, Roddy McDowall (How can this charming one-of-a-kind actor possibly be replaced in the rather pointless, in my mind, remake of Fright Night, *sigh*?) ... MOVIE TYPES: Horror (I like the "dark fantasy" kind more than most of the blood and gore, although a few zombie films have been very good.), sci fi, action/adventure, and any good sexy escapist stuff.

    • American Idol (UPDATE: Enough already! This show quite a while ago began wearing out its welcome. Not only has this now easily overrated program long ceased to give us the roguish wit and charm of Simon Cowell, along with perfect foil Paula—but how much longer does one continue to watch the best performer or performers, not only not win what is supposed to be a “singing competition”, but exit early? ) , I love "The Smoking" Gun on "TruTV" and its "B-list celebrities" (lol), any documentary on transgender people, Justice League Unlimited (my favorite animated series ever), True Blood, The Walking Dead, The Nanny, The Big Bang Theory, Chelsea Lately, Fashion Police (with the one-and-only Joan Rivers), My Cat From Hell, (...and one really guilty pleasure) TruTV's Wipeout ...

    • The I Ching On Love—The Tao of I Ching—The Sculptor in the Sky-Teal Scott.

    • transgender people, developing technology, films, digital animation, digital graphics, sexy art, women’s clothes (especially shoes)—and The Twenty-First Century.

    • I have the insight to realize that I presently live one of my dreams. I am—and have been for some time—a watcher. It’s an exciting time to be alive. For the first time in KNOWN history there are few limits to whom and what we can be—and I see this somehow even evolving. I DO NOT see likely doom for this great (if very imperfect) society in 2012 either as much as I see the possible coming of tremendous enlightenment. Also, with all the really horrible times in human history, does anyone seriously believe that the world today is the most evil and wicked society ever? I DON’T think so! Although, we better start listening to the planet and to the people who hear the planet crying. I say to those with a constructive vision: Let your voices now be heard. At this point in time the door is open for a lot of us to do so—be an enlightened positive difference maker!

    • FROM WHAT PEOPLE TELL ME: my eyes, my lips, my skin, other things which I can't mention—and, ah yes: my mind.

    • Primarily I'm a writer; and I'm currently working on a science fiction novel. Romantically and sexually, I like all three genders. (Yes, I do think that there are three.) That special someone for me, could be any one of the three. One of the biggest frustrations is getting genetic and conventional women to take us seriously: transgender and gay are two different things (in more than one way, and for more than one reason); and we are not, nor do we wish to be, your rivals. We're not all sex-maniacs either, lol!

    • Multi-cultural experiences and culturally diverse people; androgynous men and women; open-minded people; (SAFE) water-front dwellings.

    • Closed-minded people and bigots of any kind; the misinformed notion that still too many hold: that morality is about sex and/or religion and not about ones obligation to ones fellow human beings; vulgarity (not to be confused with: nudity, erotica, or even necessarily sexual explicitness); the inability to change false preconceived notions; people who disrespect animals as "things" and fail to acknowledge them as the living, breathing, and feeling creatures that they are.