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    When illusion is the only true devoted and thankful friend one has, all truth becomes completely meaningless.

    December 15, 2007



  • About Me

    • The late 70's had me a soul train dance junkie. In the early 80's I was "funky", in the late 80's a "waver", in the 90's a leftover "freak", but nonetheless i'm still addicted mainly to europop, R&B and ethnopop these days and I really love modern classical and movie theme soundtracks. Even relic stuff like the collective works of Berhard Hermann (remember those Hitchcock themes?) or perhaps the movie Sea Hawk?

    • "The English Patient" was my last favorite. Generally I really love movies with latently co-empathic sensuality like many dance movies such as "Chicago". Catherine Zeta Jones is awesome in the "Return of Zoro". I'm not a friend of action movies unless they have a archaeological or mystical background, i.e. "Indiana Jones" or "King Solomon's Mines".

    • The next greatest challenge of this century will be sustainability. My question to that statement is this: What is there that so direly needs to be sustained at all costs, that it cannot be sacrificed towards attaining a better future? Some of modern day habits are far from beyond reproach. This time around it's about downscaling nihilism. I'm having my problems with that question about sexual orientation. Actually i'm having doubts about a lot of orientations. Some people still think the earth is flat, but use GPS and mercator maps. I think native wisdom is worth vastly more than a bunch of Aristotelian western bullpoop, but even that is good fertilizer (the poop only).

    • Perhaps it's only possible to list qualities others may have indicated to me. I'm fabulous at listening empathically to problems of a highly personal nature. I'm a great babysitter(?) and good at keeping children entertained, amused and motivated I guess. To make each and every sultry moment a happy one with occassional uncontrolled smiles, light far-side humor and burlesque silly attitudes.

    • Paganist heathen neo-shamanism. I'm really getting into neolithic cult and sacred sites. Soft technology, optoelectronics, quantum mechanics, cosmology and nanotechnology. Applied experimental science at the borderline of non-hazardous techno-shamanism. Anti-mimetic violence, dynamic-duality-cancellation, non-euclidean dragonspace, gynarchosurealism. Experimental systemic deconstruction and reconstruction. Contrarian endocrinology. Generally loving the far-side madcap realms of "mad science" and other such frivolities.

    • Dreams are for the fortunate few who have managed to transcend this wretched and dismal existence. Those left behind are only filled with selfishness and envy. Summed up briefly: being a lazy butt lampooning beach bum with a lavender smerf board (I can't swim worth dixi), enjoying Newport styles and suave debauch manners of elegance. Seaside roaming and generally endulging in lesser forms of genderless voyeurisms (the ladies at Venice Beach get my endorphines rising) that placate being helpless (small also) and lost in the wild tropical adventure of natural living under clear blue skies. Imagine being zoomorph and anthropomorphic at the same time? There are times when I am the jumping spider and there are times when I am the mongoose.

    • There are still those who believe that time heals wounds, but invariably it's just a case of persons that are hopeful that someone out there will change their mind. I guess it's easy to wait 30, 40 or 50 years or more for nothing to happen at all. It takes two to tango and more than one person to build a partnership, but just a singular thing to ruin everything. Even mountains errode, and once they do it completely. Luckily when they have vanished from the earth, only silt remains offering little resistence to the elements of natural processes.

    • Are much much more than any intimate relationships destined never to occur or be of lasting duration. There are those friends of mine that I would go to the farthest corner of the earth for. They will always be near and dear to me in almost eternal love. There are many people I wish I could call my friends, but out of respect and admiration I would never impose myself on them in such a way as to assume that an obligation ever exists. Silent love with powerful gestures strives to reach for an eternity that betrayal has always made impossible.