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  • Lars Lennart F


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    December 15, 2008



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  • About Me

    • GO TO and read all about me.

    • I prefer books, I never watch movies.

    • I never watch TV.

    • All types of books, especially books that can learn me something.

    • I often go fishing, pick mushrooms and have long walks in the nature.

    • Radio, internet, computers, electronics, nature, fishing, astronomy, opera, classic music, chess, antiquities, science, animals.

    • To hitchhike around the world - from Denmark through Russia to Alaska, down through USA to Brasil, boat to Africa and back up north. One day I will - my thumb have already brought me to 37 countries.

    • I have a VERY long and beautiful beard!!! In fact - I look like FATHER XMAS himself!

    • I was born in a taxi in Gothenburg at the west coast of Sweden in the year 1958. From 1987 to 2004 I lived in Denmark, from 2004 to 2007 I was an international vagabond hitchhiking to 37 countries, and from 2007 I live in Denmark again. I live in a small countryside village south of Viborg in Jutlandia, the western part of Denmark. By education I am a nurse and an electronics engineer, but the only thing I do for living now a days is to paint pictures and sell. My address is: Lars Lennart Fjeldstrøm / Fjeldstrom, Østerled 8 / Osterled 8, 8840 Rødkærsbro / 8840 Rodkarsbro, Denmark. (foreign computers can normally not read danish letters) My e-mail address is and you can read all about me and watch 5000 pictures at my homepage :-) :-) :-) *******************

    • The best way to contact me is to send an e-mail to my mail address or to contact me at my homepage