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    Looking for people to join a great support group for Fibromyalgia. It is important for people like us to get support to help us cope with this. Us people with Fibromyalgia need to get the word out, we need understanding! Hope to meet many of you soon.

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Hi everyone.  I have just joined this group.  I w…

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Does anyone else here suffer from always feeling an underly…

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New to the group

Hello all,   I just joined the group and wanted to say…

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Here are the Locations of the Tender Points

  To be diagnosed as having Fibro at least 11 out…

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Iam wondering is anyone who's a member here reciving Disabi…

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what to do aobut the pain

Besides medication what are some of you doing to manage you…

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Fibro tender pts

When I was first diagnosed about 6 months ago my dr.said I …

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Hi Cody, Seems we all have it a little differently but the …

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Pain managment

I actually wanted to ask a question but I'm not sure how to…

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When friends, family and co-workers dont understand.

I am having trouble getting some of my family to understand…

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newly diagnosed....

Hi, all....just been diagnosed. Have had fatigue for many y…

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More Pain

Hi Everyone....well have lots going on since I have seen my…

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Thank You for letting me join

Hi my name is Theresa and i have suffered from this illness…

1 Theresa Theresa Theresa Jan 31, 2010 9:42am

dont mean to offend ppl

this message is mainly for wayne i didnt mean to offend u o…

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How do you handle the Winter Blues?

Fibromyalgia for me hits the worst in the cold weather.&nbs…

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