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    Black Butler- is a manga written and illustrated by Yana Toboso. Since its debut on September 16, 2006, it has been serialized in Square Enix's shōnen manga magazine Monthly GFantasy. The series follows Sebastian Michaelis, a demonic butler who is bound by a supernatural contract to serve Ciel Phantomhive, the twelve-year-old head of the Phantomhive noble family. It was announced in July 2008 that an anime adaption, directed by Shinohara Toshiya and produced by A-1 Pictures, was expected. It premiered in October 2008, and has since ended with 24 episodes.

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Announcement: make a new topic babes n dudes!!

make a new topic plizz if u got any...

1 DELETED DELETED DELETED Mar 13, 2010 6:42pm

Sticky: what happened with the group?

is because Facebook or what?

4 Def Katherine C Katherine C Mar 2, 2011 5:39pm

Sticky: what do u think about LEMMON?

The lemmon is cool...just sometimes...there are people with…

41 Katherine C Katherine C Katherine C May 9, 2010 9:04pm

Sticky: the most kawaii anime girl?

yui harasawa from k-on!...

148 Katherine C Def Def Mar 11, 2010 9:59pm

Sticky: An anime character, a couple or a moment who makes you TURN ON

character: Sasuke Uchiha couple: Yuki x Kaname moment: Kuro…

17 Def Katherine C Katherine C Oct 6, 2010 5:41pm

Sticky: the hottest anime girl ^^

Ikkitousen: Ryomou Shinmei and Kan-wu-unchou Tengho Tenge: …

288 Def Katherine C Katherine C Feb 26, 2010 7:56pm

Sticky: whats your opinion bout live action from anime?

manga too right? dragon head live action iz pretty good... …

99 Def DELETED DELETED Mar 11, 2010 10:07pm

Sticky: whose the sexiest anime boy? name 5..


118 DELETED DELETED DELETED Mar 24, 2010 4:03am

Sticky: the most preveted anime character...


116 Def ★EN★👁️👅👁️ ★EN★👁️👅👁️ Mar 25, 2010 4:45am

Sticky: what you think about yaoi,yuri and hentai manga?

yaoi??yuri??hentai??lol... i like yuri better..yaoi and hen…

195 Def DELETED DELETED Feb 22, 2010 5:51am

Sticky: Friendship , Fav Anime Manga , GF@BF... Which 0ne WiLL u Choose...


21 Def DELETED DELETED Sep 2, 2010 3:37am

Sticky: cosplay...

what u think about cosplay? did u ever participate any cosp…

58 Def DELETED DELETED Mar 23, 2010 4:58am

Sticky: your feveret mangaka..

yoshito usui and chika umino

175 Def Def Def Mar 14, 2010 5:45am

Sticky: tottaly answer my question... about your ambition....

what kind of dreamz?

57 DELETED DELETED DELETED Mar 24, 2010 4:38am

Sticky: chibi....

yeah...that is cute...i like it too!!!

125 Def DELETED DELETED Mar 24, 2010 4:37am

Sticky: grell n undertaker..


49 Def DELETED DELETED Apr 16, 2010 8:52pm

Sticky: Arrgh....

Yeah, i can't reply to anything either @.@ it's irritatingg…

43 Def DELETED DELETED Mar 13, 2010 4:33pm

Sticky: Hye Allz... Im new Here~!

welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice to meet u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

57 DELETED DELETED DELETED Mar 12, 2010 4:41am

Sticky: your feveret genre n subgenre?

it would be genre shounen ai... the subgenre for me is yaoi…

97 Def Def Def Mar 24, 2010 3:50am

Sticky: the most horror manga or anime

jigoku shouju..its kinda creepy..

50 DELETED DELETED DELETED Mar 24, 2010 4:22am

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