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    hola, estoy disponible para una seria relacion...y soy la gitana.. me gusta italia

    June 7, 2007



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    • many comedies, detective, romance and ghosts, as lost souls, dr, house, law and order, case closed!

    • libro de mormon, pearl of great price, and more .... and especially the romantic poetry, verses and phrases beautiful and spiritual, romanticos... historias! fantasia

    • me gusta la gimnasia olimpica y el deporte que me inpire a saber que aun hay tiempo y vida para seguir difrutando de ella

    • I have an interest in sports, by poetry, I like Olympic gymnastics, and a walk, when I wanted to run, I go out and do it .. I like having friends, dancing, watching tv, cooking, desserts, Mexican cuisine, Italian, I like pizza and hamburgers, hot dog, sewing, there are many things which attract my attentio

    • por el momento.... quiero vivir el presente , par formar un futuro

    • I do not understand that concern with better traits, but ... I think I'm ugly, jejejjeje there is something I like sports .. healthy mind, healthy body .

    • I like everything beautiful, the good reputation,. I am a person who is not interested in people's past, nor do I care if they are fat or ugly, I think that when there is chemistry in both good realación can be achieved, I do not want to talk with shallow people, whose only objective, a pretty face or a beautiful body, these people ... I know, hubiquense !!!,, especially in a time limit expires, and then, all that remains is love, and the couple comprencion, this does not take effect if both do not love .. I know that if I meet a person wishes to cross the ocean and look for love at my side, and can meet me in person, is showing real interest in me, I do not seek a person a day or two, I love a person for life and all eternity ... so if you are interested in my ... buscame ... with real intent ... I want a man. high, white. I do not care ... because their economic status, love does not matter

    • Zenaida etymology Female Name of Greek origin. Which has been dedicated to God. Analysis by Zenaida name numerology Emotive Nature: Touching and overlapping nature. It is expressed through the ideal, the great and the causal. Love the experience, knowledge and evidence. I like to feel rewarded. Nature Expressive Is consistent. It is expressed in a straight line, attention to detail, safety. He loves what he affirms and confirms the property and the law protects. Natural talent: It's practical thinking mind. It is expressed as net and concrete thinker, that assayed values and seeks security in the investment of effort or capital. Get increase in activities that require discipline, perseverance, effort, logic and reason. Ama skill, anticipation and realization. Could excel in professions such as contractor, farmer, mechanic, draftsman, civil servant, clerk, factory worker or foreman, accountant or politician

    • It symbolizes the understanding and wisdom. It's the most curious of the zodiac, focuses on what interests him away from the world. Nothing distracts him. 2. Some have had a bohemian life in his youth, he scoffs at the conventional and like to indulge their impulses. 3. Loves freedom and wants to live in constant change since it is easily bored people, but may become very dependent on what we admire. 4. Love will come to life to mind first and then his heart

    • It is Mercury, the ruler of communication and intellect, which will give skills to express their ideas

    • You have to give spiritual support whenever you need it because it would double for someone close. He never gives up and always willing to start over. His mind conceived ideas and solutions that no one had thought.

    • I like the cuisine, decor and windows, it is not true, I like to cook when I have the recipes in hand, and I can .. I like sewing, I like to do many times my clothing, and I like to teach others ilimpica gymnastics,

    • I like healthy people, but who in this life is healthy, at least 9 out 10 people suffer from headaches, no smoking, no drinking, no coffee, no alcohol, no drugs .. I like to watch my life, though .. we'll all die of something, I'm not perfect, I'm not sweet, but I like making people feel good that love me and love me not, then no .. jejeje ... I'm not violent, I'm not rude to people, but if I offend, I offend I do not like to lie, and lie if I lie too .... I have a saying: "do unto others what you would not want done to yourself" "There is another saying that says, "with the stick that you measure will be measured", or put another way, "everything falls under its own weight"