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    December 17, 2013



  • About Me

    • I listen to all kinds of music, which I find nice to listen to :-) It can be classical, it can be music from my youth, mostly '80s and '90s (I have so many great memories from that period, and this music makes me almost relive them!), but I'm open to everything new ('00s and '10s); the most important aspect for me is variation, as in life in general! It can certainly also be '50s, '60s, and '70s! Disco, dance, techno, trance, synth-pop, pop in general, pop/rock, and soft rock are my favourites.

    • I love movies of any kind. Old movies, new movies. Any genre, almost. To mention two genres, that are closest to my heart (and brain :-) ), it is romantic comedies (as "Love Actually") and Science fiction, but I'm not so fond of sci-fi if it's depicting a way too dystopic future. If it can be mixed with the comedy-genre, I find it awesome (as "Back to the Future I-III")

    • I don't watch that much television. I find it a passive "activity", and *if* I choose to watch something, I normally do other things simultaneously, i.e. multitask. Of course, I watch some news, mostly half an hour while eating my breakfast, and maybe some in the evening (but else I found the news, I need, at the Internet). Then a comedy (show) - stand-up, cartoon, or something animated - from time to time. And some sport, mostly European football/soccer, tennis, handball, swimming, athletics and basketball. Cycling (EPO-race) had my interest once - but that was BEFORE 1998! I very much like the FIFA World Cup, and the UEFA Championships (the European nations championship, Champions League and Europa League), and I *love* the (summer) olympics; the winter olympics, I like as well, but not as much as the summer games

    • I read a lot of non-fiction (general reference works, and books, articles, etc., about computer science, information technology, mathematics, and almost every natural science + other kind of sciences). And I would love to have more time to read fiction; I like both poetry, novels, short stories and essays. One of the genres, that really are my favorites, is biographies, especially autobiographies

    • Ooh - there's a lot. The national Danish teams in several sports for (wo)men. My favourite soccer teams are as follows: Denmark: F.C. København (i.e. Copenhagen); Norway: Rosenborg; Sweden: Malmö FF; England: Manchester United; Scotland: Glasgow Rangers; Germany: Bayern München; The Netherlands: Ajax Amsterdam; Belgium: Club Brügge; France: Paris Saint Germain; Italy: Juventus; Spain: Real Madrid; Portugal: Sporting Lisbon; Argentina: Boca Juniors. I like (I won't use the term "I'm fan of") several athletes of Danish and other nationality. To name some: Caroline Wozniacki, Kevin Magnussen, Niklas Landin, Michael Maze, Mikkel Kessler, Fernando Torres, David Ferrer, Lindsey Vonn, Maria Sharapova, Agnieszka Radwanska, Ana Ivanovic, Petra Kvitová, Lewis Hamilton, Metsut Özil, Neymar Jr., Robin van Persie, Kasper Schmeichel, Andy Murray, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Usain Bolt, Rafa Nadal, Leo Messi, Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Venus and Serena Williams

    • None mentioned, none forgotten, ;-)

    • My main dream is to be able to combine my well-known life living out my fantasies (well, some of them...) and having freedom (well, again, with limits; freedom without limits doesn't make sense), with a life with the woman of my dreams - and maybe a family life; I love children a lot, but have none of my own

    • Smile, tall half-blonde (originally *totally* blonde :-) ) nordic type. Kind personality. Has a surplus of love, which just awaits the right woman, the soulmate and kindred spirit; the woman, with whom I want to stay together to death us apart. Nothing more, nothing less!

    • Just feel free to ask - anything! There's a lot, and I really mean a lot more about me at the white "f" on blue background: