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    • Recently watched: Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist, Better off Dead, Watchmen, Coraline, Talegdala Nights, He’s Just Not That Into You

    • Currently watching/recently watched: Chuck, Naruto, Colbert Report, How I Met Your Mother, Psych, Weeds, Dexter

    • Currently reading: my rss newsfeed, my kindle: On Food and Cooking, Homeade Life, the New Yorker, The Snowball, The Holy Bible (ESV), Iconoclast, Hatha Yoga Illustrated, Yoga as Medicine

    • I take pictures

    • TAGGED SOFTWARE ARCHITECT CORE VALUES: 1. Stability, Scalability, Speed, Security; 2. Connection (network and communication); 3. Openness (APIs, widgets, platform, mashup)

    • In in ur website, coding ur apps. Making it so we can serve all the pages you are viewing without buying more shit.

    • photography, php, web development, internet architecture, presentation/teaching, hiking, parties, cycling, interesting conversation

    • I'm too busy working on this website to play right now.

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    I work at TAGGED, but it's mostly on stuff that would cause your eyes to glaze over if I explained it to you.

    January 16, 2007