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    November 14, 2006



    English, Español - España, עברית

    Caucasian/White, Hispanic/Latino, Middle Eastern


  • About Me

    • I love Latin American music as well as the sound of it. I am also very fond of World Beat, and oldies really where I had grown up with Alternative 80's music where I still like listening to that as well.

    • I like movies that are either supernatural or non fiction based ones where I also love comedies as well.

    • I don't normally enjoy watching television since I find it to be mostly like belly button lint for the mind and do enjoy watching good movies and some programs in Spanish as well as half decent Novella's from Mexico really.

    • I love non fiction, historical fiction, history based, and other educational and other certain types of books on spirituality and outdoor type of living really.

    • I love futball (soccer) and used to figure skate when I was younger in my early adolescent years in Canada.

    • Other interests I have are things to do with spirituality where I'm also a Reiki Practitioner and guess I can also say that I like things that are sanely alternative that are non harmful and makes sense.

    • Wouldn't it be nice to share a dream I have which is more like a vision where people can just live in peace and harmony and be happy? Call it a utopian idea, I just call it how I want to live and see that other people are happy where they have enough food to eat and are also being loved right back when they do the same for other people.

    • I don't like to be worshipped for my physical qualities, I just want people to know me for what and who I am where I invite people to contact me here to find out if they wish and at least stick around long enough where they and I can share these things.

    • I am just looking to make new on this site here. I used to live in Morelos State near Mexico City. I am a very nice man who really like other people who are nice as well. In my spare time I like to be active with friends by having fun visiting with one another either at my home or even theirs as well as going out to the restaurant, or even going out for the evening and having a good time as well where I'm flexible really.

    • My best features I would say if you like guys that are classified as "Bears" is my Eyes, Body, Personality, mind, and Soul. I also love to hug people I know! I Love Harmony, and good people and friends who are good people!

    • I'm very open to meeting new people to make friends with who are either Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Lesbian, or even Heterosexual as well where I am not prejudice really.

    • My dream is to be able to live in the Bosque/ Wooded area in a large enough cabin built out of cement like the houses are built in Mexico where I used to live that has rustic features and such inside of it since I love the colour and texture of wood. At this sort of property I want to raise around two female goats for their milk and cheese, a few rabbits for their meat and hides and fur that can be very useful, as well as a few hens and one rooster for the meat and eggs of the hens as well. Also on this property to have water from the cistern to distill for drinking as well as to collect the rain water in the rainy seasons here to use in the home and gardens and animals of course. I am also interested in a home like this to operate on solar panels as well as a satellite system to communicate and get information with as well.

    • Another thing about me is that I am a pretty warm guy who can also be a little bit goofy with my sense of humour as well when I let my hair down so to speak. I should also mention here since it's my culture to be somewhat of a private person where if you want to know anything else about me, I will answer your questions graciously and will only ask you personal questions if I get your permission to do so.