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    Due to unforseen circumstances.... im still here :P

    November 12, 2006





  • About Me

    • Just about everything as it depends on my mood

    • Again just about everything as cant get enough.... i think it is called escapism :oP

    • Hmmm ok got me again...its most things, depends on who with and my mood yet again :oP

    • Love them as well just dont do enough as you can see from above hehehe

    • Any...its all about playing and having fun regardless of the sport!!!!!

    • Just about everything as i am a very curious person who just wants to know stuff :oP

    • Dont know normally asleep!!! :oP

    • Nothing.... if i do you have to tell me cause i just cant see anything or know anything...except maybe making others laugh...just like you are trying not to do now :oP

    • I am gonna make you laugh at some stage so u may as well do it now ;oP