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    Reef Nebula

    you cant judge anyone until you have walked a mile in their shoes

    November 4, 2006



    English, Urdu, Français


  • About Me

    • Mostly Romantic, Bahangra Rock ....

    • Action, SF, Horror, Adventure.etc

    • Lost, Prison Break... Spartical ...

    • Quran

    • Soccer, Cricket..

    • Surfin net, Music, goin out vid frndz...

    • Very Much Personal......

    • So much thankful to ALLAH ....

    • I Love to love and to be loved. It's just a matter of finding the right person. & usually u find them at the wrong time. . I think you have to live life to the very fuLLest, Try things, love, take a chance, u have nothing to lose! .. forgive, learn, and dont let ANYTHING hoLd you back! because you only live ONCE

    • Life is such a gift and everyday that your living and breathing you need to live it up and take chances and riskss and have faith that God will help you through everything. And he wiLL.

    • i am outgoing. shy at first. Confidence is very seXy though. INSECURITY big NO NO. Everyone be very secure with who you are... There is good in everyone! and the important people in life will see the good in you. Don't try to be someone or something you are not. God made you YOU, so be YOU DAMNIT.

    • Respect, Love & Peace for everyOne !!!! Wut U Say ???