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    So cold right now, i am fed up of being cold, i need fire to warm me!

    September 7, 2022



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  • About Me

    • Tiny fun size.

    • This is my second profile, they deleted my first. I am originally from Philippines, then moved to Thailand and worked in Pattaya. Then spent short time in Abu Dhabi before coming to the UK, currently i am living in digs in Salford till i find somewhere better. I plan to live in London one day and then New York if all my plans work out right. I also have a fully quote from my first profile i need to add here because it defined me lol. While chatting to a man from Jamaica he called me White Liver, which i had to Google, and yes, that's me lol ;-)

    • That is it, i am no longer adding photos to this app. I have one profile deleted in the past, and i try and keep my photos respectable, but they still delete them and warm me. That is it, i am finished running risk of being deleted. No more photos no more risk. Todays deleted photo 16th Nov 2023 is the final time.