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    October 23, 2019





  • About Me

    • I have played the drums since I was a kid, so the music I listen to, always has a great drummer.

    • Rio Bravo, with John Wayne and Dean Martin playing Borrachon.

    • I don't watch much TV. I watch The Wire instead, which is why I don't watch much TV because it's TV at it's zenith

    • Franz Kafka, Jean-Paul Satre, Ayn Rand, and and anything historical, or technical

    • I used to write about the NFL for an SB Nation blog. Now I don't bother with it. Why the NFL isn't as good as it was before 1994: the Salary Cap, and rule changes that favor scoring and stats because of Fantasy Football. I watch golf. Why? Because there are no referees in golf

    • I like to build stuff. That's what I do, I create and build cool shit. Right now I am learning to build stuff with Linux. Cool shit.

    • My dream is to create stuff that people need, want, and helps them do stuff and become happier with it. I work for myself, and I rather like to create my own job than do something I don't like

    • I have a big **** and brains, as well as a lot of talent and intelligence. I can think for myself, and talk your ears off about the world, I have a keen sense of humor that I sometimes write onto the page, and I am cynical enough to where I know bullshit when I read and hear it. Everything I do I don't mess around. I know how to work, and still make people happy and easy.

    • I don't want to buy pics or video from you. Porn is free. I only do transactions that I deem tangible. This place is only as real as it end users.