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    [Kawaii] Yui Senpai

    Hi i am Jesse & i am looking for a girl to chat with and maybe even to date. i check my messages very often&if i see you write to me i will message U

    December 27, 2014







  • About Me

    • Music That Sounds Good To The Heart, I would listen to what she would want to enjoy. I am in it for someone to love mostly. Not just to tease him with a ? belief that she likes you & is thinking of meeting you but doesn't feel like saying that I look good instead of just saying i look younger without hair? Some1Would Be Nice To Spend Time With. I really need someone around as smart as myself

    • Resident Evil , The Hills Have Eyes , Heartbreakers , Silent Hill , Bad Santa , The Last Stand And More

    • the walking guy ...the simpsons..dr who , being human , the vampire Diaries , Defiance , 2 Broke Girls , My Name Is Earl , Breaking Bad , Better Call Saul , Metalocalypse. Future man & maybe what she would like to watch

    • Not Interested In Books much, unless maybe they're read outloud and I could listen to them read it

    • I've tryed rollerblading once, Also along with trying to ice skate one time as a child. I would rather ride a bike.

    • video games.bowling,watching tv. I choose to walk or use taxis ,,, I don't drive & No one in my house drives anywhere besides the grocery stores. Good rock music / Techno

    • To find a like minded woman. That could help bring out the better side to me that is feeling contained within how we are in a quarantine. I would try doing the same for her. Sometimes with no one but yourself to help but I have been hanging in there.

    • my sensitivity is my best feature ,,,if you treat me good I will do the same. I can be honest to people if with someone that is truthful with me.

    • Just so everyone knows. My name is Jesse James & I am in a serious relationship with KING MARK. Yes I was born as a male, No I have never had a gf. I would want to be a female instead of waiting to find a girl that loves me. I can't bring myself to go outside and try because I think I always look awful as a man. Atleast when compared to any other girl's boyfriend. I would want to have sex with men too but I live with my Mother & that I'm a Girl trapped inside a man's body. ♋

    • Atheist

    • Bi

    • ♋ Cancer