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    👽Greetings Earthlings ❣ The Spacelady is (not really) back🤩 only a short deja vue 👽

    December 26, 2004



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    • Blogging - Please read "Neila's Biz Tips" on Blogspot, and stay "Healthy and In Shape at your Computer" and more I can't link here anyway. Auf Deutsch fang ich auch wieder an :) Find and Follow me, Spacelady on Twitter and find Spacelady55 or Neila Sabine in many other usual places.

    • Looks like the times are gone, when Aliens went online to communicate with Earthlings. This is mainly due to the fact, that Earthlings don't communicate online anymore :( Each and every social community is only for dating nowadays. And Aliens, if they do at all, do not date online. I've been in too many minds back then. Said goodbye to all the drama and stress some time ago and don't really miss it. Is really nobody anymore around to just talk, discuss, share serious thoughts or fantasies on uncompromising stuff? Why are all the forums on here obviously dead :( Is there really Nobody Here for Communication? Hiding the wish for leisurely contact behind the silly Pet-Game is not really the solution!

    • Not Your potential Soulmate, even less anyone's Online Date. - No Time for Chat, - seldom here, but trying to answer nice messages :)

    • I cannot really be your Online Friend on here. I can only seldom accept Friend-Requests. (why See above)