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  • Shawn Gardner


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    Hit me up, Im bored lol.

    July 8, 2011






  • About Me

    • My number one favorite band is and always be The Beatles lol. However, I listen to everything. Rock, Metal, Jazz, Country, Rap, Techno, lol you name it. And I'm also a musician haha. I love Michael Buble, Green Day, Atreyu, Keith Urban, lol it's really an odd combination haha BEST SONG IN THE WORLD : BLACKBIRD BY THE BEATLES :D

    • I lover Leonardo Dicaprio, Will Smith, Michael Cera, Ashton Kutcher, and Dakotah Fanning. My top 5 favorite movies would be, I Am Sam, Seven Pounds, Across The Universe, Inception, and Forest Gump lol

    • Dexter, Tosh.0, Glee, Spartacus,Scrubs, South Park, etc. lol

    • The not for this list lol. I'm too lazy to read it lol. I like scary books and fantasy mainly.

    • Joey Logano, who is the #20 car. I like track because it's simple. Basically, growing up without a dad gives me a real disadvantage in the area lol. I suck at football. I used to be a pitcher in baseball. Idk if you would count it, but I like to skateboard, snowboard, and I WANT TO TRY SURFING!!!

    • Singing, Guitar, Piano, Violin, Electronic Music, Bass, Skateboarding, Writing, Drawing, and I have alot of fun by talking to people lol.

    • I want to go into the music business. I would love to be a musician or at least something in the music area. I live for music lol. So I want to go to colege for music as a minor and have psycology as a major so i can be a psychologist if that doesn't work.

    • I have no idea. People say they like my eyes. I think what I like about myself is that I'm sociable. I'm always trying to better myself. I was raised to respect people. Even my enemies. I guess thats good lol.

    • My names Shawn lol. I'm from the small town of Lometa. I'm a music fan and I like to have as many friends as possible. I like to help people with problems and I love meeting different kinds of people. I don't judge so you can be yourself around me :) I'm crazy, goofy, but I can be serious when you need me to be too