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    have another shot and drink till you drop

    May 25, 2011



    English, Português, Español - América Latina

  • About Me

    • Rock n Roll mainly, i like other stuff i guess

    • johnny depps movies kick ass

    • dont really care for tv

    • tom clancy, anthony bozza, stephen koontz

    • football but not playing it lol

    • music guitar girls and so on lol nah i enjoy the usual going out getting shitfaced

    • have the sleaziest band on the strip

    • i wouldnt know would i

    • seriosly i aint bothered to fill this out too much i used to have tagged back in the day and had a long thing about me, fuck that now - i do rock n roll on a daily basis thats it - only 1 pic add me on facebook or msn if you need more proof lol drunkfux on facebook