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    Grab My Words, Open Your Mind, Suck My Thoughts, and Swallow My Knowledge.

    August 12, 2010







  • About Me

    • I like a little bit of everything. From Hip-Hop to gabber, Trance to house, Pop to country, music from different countries and languages, Heavy metal to oldies. Doesn't matter the genre I'll find something worth listen to about it.

    • Comedy, horror, documentary, romance, thriller, and action. Not a big movie head though, more into music.

    • comedy, old reality tv, sitcoms,BET, MTV, RealTV, Centric, VH1, Fuse, FuelTV, the news, south park, the boondocks, the simpson, family guy, sitcoms like the game, martin, living single, The Parkers, One on One, three's company, different strokes, orange is the new black, bad girls club, H2, HGTV, Law and Order - SVU & CI, Cold Case, First 48, Cops, CSI, game shows like Family Feud, Jeopardy, The price is right, GSN, TV1, Moesha, Spike TV, USA network, Degrassi, george lopez, the steve harvey show (talk show & sitcom), bob's burgers

    • I like books that I can learn from. I don't really like reading stories.... especially if its fiction.

    • UFC, older WWE (WWF days), football, soccer, street racing, X games, basketball

    • Music, art, photography, philosophy, website development, astrology, business, economics,

    • I just want to be happy and be successful at whatever I attempt at in life. I don't really want much out of life. Life is a gift and to be happy with that gift is all I want.

    • Get to know me and you tell me.

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