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  • shesroyal21


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    "Dream it,Think it then be about it"

    April 1, 2023



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  • About Me

    • alessa cara,selena gomez,romaine virgo,cardi B

    • Horror,Comedy,Fantasy

    • Teen Wolves ,Supernatural

    • Horror ,fantasy fiction

    • Olympics

    • Books,Games,Music,videos,creating video edits and design

    • To be able to take care of those i love in a financial way

    • Beauty in the eyes of the beholder, self praise is no recommendation.

    • I am not looking for a relationship,Friendships? Maybe depends on you ,(Loner) here creating awesome Tags for you! wont be friend with everyone or reply to everyone.if you' and I havnt become friends on tagged don't bother asking for my number not gonna happen, if I accept your friend request then maybe.

    • yes i do have a newly build business page fb/insta/fiverr