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    July 2, 2022




  • About Me

    • If I was a Wealthy Girl because I would so do that for some reason and even know how that feels like to have it all taken away after my long life of Luxury Smoking cigarettes and PTSD for various reasons unkown to the public?

    • Shameless the series But right now I don't have a TV and looking for a place to RENT? if you have any leads please lead them my way or send the selfies with numbers lol just kidding folks but help a Brother or Companion out? Which is Why I thought that?

    • Me lol jk omg HAPPY or ? IDK

    • SELF help

    • GOLF of course...why what do you mean?

    • Right now just getting my body back to ME and apparently my water without getting caught pregnant? with half man half angel for some reason? Is one of the thoughts that crossed my mind falling to pieces and if the body is full of Darkness I thought they were getting convictions to Daytime? I am training myself too for unnessary hurt as well? if that sounded harsh I know I would get over something I would accept the doubt or battle against as much hurt as possible and then still love them ..... so please forgive me too


    • The father and son will love you if you keep Gods Word. Serenity Now! Dark Horse my "Faithful" by Katy Pary