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  • Emilie L


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    There is no memory that time cannot wear away, no wound that death cannot heal. -- Cervantes

    March 1, 2022



    English, 한국어, 中文 (繁軆)




  • About Me

    • Rock, pop, country, classical

    • I don't watch many movies these days.

    • I don't watch many TV shows these days.

    • The Snowball.--Alice Schroeder

    • Golf, tennis, swimming, horseback riding, yoga, skiing...

    • Learning,Travel,Camping,Golf,Tennis,Swimming,Horseback Riding,Gourmet,Meditation,Yoga,Skiing...

    • To find true love and happiness with someone special.

    • I'd appreciate it if you tell me.

    • I'm a nice, sweet, single

    • Unlike many profiles on this site, I am actually real.

    • My name is actually Helen. Helen as a girl's name, this name sounds very refined, also very beautiful and pleasant, girls use this English name to name, can show the straightforward, courteous character. Helen is from Latin, Cebuano, this name is more common in foreign countries. It also contains the meaning of torch, independence, advancement, and leadership.