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    American business owner, English educator, professional coach. Living in Indonesia. Open for coffee, chat, more. ENGLISH SPEAKERS & NON-SMOKERS ONLY!

    June 29, 2021



    English, Français, Indonesia




  • About Me

    • Favorite genre: AMAPIANO. Favorite female: SADE. Favorite male: HLULI D. Favorite group: GODFATHERS OF DEEP HOUSE. Favorite song: MR. MAGIC (GROVER WASHINGTON JR).)

    • Favorite genre: HISTORY. Favorite movie: MALCOLM X (DENZEL WASHINGTON). Favorite actress: REGINA KING. Favorite Actor: DENZEL WASHINGTON

    • Favorite genre: DOCUMENTARIES. Favorite channel: ESPN Favorite program: QUEEN OF THE SOUTH (ALICE BRAGA). Favorite actress: PHYLICIA RASHAD. Favorite actor: DAVE CHAPPELLE

    • Favorite genre: BUSINESS OWNERSHIP. Favorite author: CLIVE CUSSLER. Favorite book: EMPOWER THE PEOPLE (TONY BROWN)

    • Favorite sport: COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Favorite team: FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLES. Favorite female athlete: DAWN STALEY. Favorite male athlete: DEION SANDERS

    • Formal: TRAVEL. Naughty: FFM

    • Be 100% debt-free and financially free by 2026

    • The ability to communicate effectively

    • American business owner, living in Jakarta, Indonesia. Executive coach. English instructor. Fitness trainer. Seeking intelligent people for coffee, jazz, travel, good laughs and everything else. Age, race, religion open. Non-smokers & English speakers only!

    • 1. Anyone that can't communicate in English. 2. Baby mama drama 3. Drug users 4. Smokers 5. Trump lovers 6. Anyone (regardless of race) using n*gg*r/n*gg*. I have ZERO tolerance for that ignorance

    • 1. Coffee and lunch, anywhere in the world. 2. Debate or discussion about economics, politics and social issues. 3. Good mix of incense, jazz, kissing, laughter, lingerie, massage, rain, snuggling, spanking, wine. 4. Someone that has a five-year plan, a desire for business ownership, a yearning to travel and submissive tendencies

    • Favorite place: POLAND. To visit soon: ETHIOPIA

    • Micro mini skirts (no p*nties), high heels, ankle bracelets, sheer silk blouse (no bra)

    • A wolf doesn't focus on the opinion of a sheep. A wolf focuses on being a wolf!