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  • Greg DDJ59

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    August 20, 2021





  • About Me

    • Reggae rock / floyd Genesis the who/ oldies music sinatra etc and a whole lot more

    • Lord of the ring series hobbit etc/ and a few others besides why not ask

    • Mentalist ncis ripper st Dads army steptoe & son / a few others besides

    • The Bible ; poems various; Historical various

    • Bonny scotland / england/ Hendon f c

    • collecting various /coins/ model buses / trains / Painting art and keen interest in Actual railway history past n present /writing and on and on

    • Set up a fund raising project selling coins & things / postcards / giving proceeds to charitable organisations

    • Big headed ; well ye had ta ask didnt ye huh

    • Dad of two bright loving yng adults ; been in a relationship 20yrs+ aiming to get married / mad music fan / Christian born again a long time ; never judge people thats not my place

    • Hoping eyes will be opened / fears / the opposite of my hopes

    • FB refugee// from harsh treatment *& double standards

    • Get tagged and owned constantly cheers me dears &and ; buddies... 2right if im getting paid4it

    • Born in glesga brought up in london since 5yrs old returned to the dear green place a gd few yrs ago

    • please ask