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  • Thomas N


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    June 7, 2018







  • About Me

    • country music, jazz, and hip hop.

    • harry Potter, Titanic, Terminator and Lord Of the Ring.

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    • Holy Bible.

    • Volley Ball. Cycling. Swimming. Hiking.

    • My Eyes.

    • Hi. I think I have a pretty good life. A good career, family and friends that mean to the world to me. I see myself as kind of at a cross roads in life... some things are set and some aren’t. I want to explore all those options no matter where they will lead. I want to be open to all those possibilities whether its career or personal. I think I have a healthy attitude towards life with good sense of humor and a good look at the absurdities of life. I don’t think I’m a glass half full or glass half empty person but more of realist. I am intelligent and curious and like to know lots about things and people. I think life is a joy and a gift that we should all enjoy. I love a good glass of wine and a scotch whisky. And I would like to find a special person to spend time with, someone who makes your heart skip a beat on seeing them and you look forward to seeing every day. Thanks for reviewing this profile. If you want to get to know me, please drop me and email. All the best. Cheers I am intelligent, Genuine, and passionate...