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    wwe "what ya just failed to understand"!

    March 14, 2019




    Asian, Caucasian/White, Pacific Islander



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    • Smile Empty Soul Avenged Sevenfold Fuel Cross Fade Fall out Boys RUSH Lenny K Oasis Korn Disturbed panic of a disco I Listen to that Green Day Fast ball semi sonic Stone temple pilots fat boy slim yeah! I cant you let ya go so easily! papa roach! metalica Chevelle

    • I Kant Stop Until I Get to the Top!

    • Prefer female owners Lol or Any owners that arent Bash ful with flaunting the pets main stream rofl...Female owners are always appreciated

    • I really need to see this chick again what a connection! " dumb ass next she see ya may be exchange names for real that would have been cool to brake the ice with such a sweet girl just sipping on her tea I am such a chump.

    • Football Buffalo Bill's Hockey honestly I think basketball is annoying but again I think if Buffalo invested the money to bring an NBA team market here of Course I am sports fan I would watch it on TV or go to see sports venues are my thing see some more Rugby is intense especially from the Americans Lmfao!

    • Slingblade Resseourction that's me this is the carbon copy of Hi 5 # 2 so far I have had better luck in regards to owner making friends having more fun I dont really get into alot of p" to put it mildly i have trust issues " that just how it is ... i can be modest hard working person" Sometime i Can be a Shallow Show boating vulgar Asswhole I hold no regrets! "Friends belive family is Everything! I just belive In living lifes moments because life as we know it is so ever short!" My outlook on life is simple I d would love to The Family guy the go to guy But when you're closer people in you're family clash with Nearest love ones not only does it take an emotional toll but it's time to just reflect sit back and just wonder " is fox news have something on the American unstable left..the way I see it the Democrats will stop at to know ends it is disgusting to think but it has ruined my Love life this is now political war fare " dont tell me other wise dont beg Get off you're knees but for once Some body has to Stand up to these whack a doos before our country is Ruined." I Always think worse case scenario think what if we Clinton would have been elect messed up another scandals

    • My Dreams are my dreams And I keep them all to my self ha ha ha!

    • It's not Asian like to be self centered I would like to consider my self high maintenance but Also Modest...

    • " when some one just for bein apart of the app that's Cruel!"when all you're doing is searching for Love it's our Decision to fight

    • I thought being nice would attract sweet girl what am I doing right!

    • tears wont spill over so as they are tears of joy that will carry me back to the homeland

    • this is the beginning of the end.

    • I prefer not ever to change in the wake of bloody eclipse on a full moon night! Being Some Alpha never had any significant relevance.... I have been through my own personal demons and it is time for me to lay wake to my past keep on persevereing!

    • Not for the weak heart for those who are not able to stomach what you'll see before you're own eyes " this will open you're eyes and for ever give you different perspective on life " how I feel about past realtions that have been washed away into the ocean! Never to return to shore line up to see the blinding light to realise! " You Can not in slave us to greed or bribe us for " own flesh and blood!" If there was some one that we had met and God Did not spare this person's life this certainly there was no after life... if you're Entire life was drenched in sludge and hateful sinn!" When our leaders avoid the malignant cancer and have transformed us to hell there are shurely consequences still in a sinners life! There is no sincere answer for the entrernal hell they have created.... figure it out what will happen in the end game there is no escape... there will be justice persistently driven of the people...

    • Owner you trippin with that little magget on a Harley it is some what funny though!"More then the Dragon More then Life"!

    • Spent the last night thinking of a past Loved one and about the last to years of my life & thinking what have I done that brought me beyond my to this point... Drinking the night and with one glass turning into five or six just to soothe a broken heart and I paused and poured the wine as it was my past love that I was trying to drunken away from...that moment i realised that "Forgiveness does not always have to become the scorn it means... Waking up In the Sunrise with the one you truly Love... if you're there for me tomorrow I'll always be truly be & be you're man" I have moved on " I'll always be here for to no matter what!@--- it is time to let go of the past Loved ones and continuing on it is the only ocean not yet to have been weaped but could sail steady and swift just like a rapid flowing stream....

    • I wouldnt know what it's like missing somewhere that place it would be strange to different people the thought has crossed my mind a few times and here we are again just thinking a whole new start on life... not being in us its fuckin out this world missin some place I've never been but I feel so strongly connection that I dont want to risk losing out on " what if it truly was good bye! Would any one notice would any body give a damn ! I think to my self I have absolutely nothin or no one to hold me back! ONE of my most favorite expressions is only God can Judge me! When a man says it's time you have only a few options I promise ya u wont like the result if ya try to stop me in fact It might get ya knocked the fuck out!

    • What if I wasnt ... what if I was just me and made every thing of the world problems go away that's not possbile isnt life suppose to mean or define immoratality what if Love slipped from fingers. Does that mean I will never have a handle on life ?Will it happen again and where will find her or she right before me every thing I desire and need but the words wont speak from lips how they should be...who needs a king ? Theres no need for a monarchy some of its family hier of what loneliness I thought I was more then this. It has to be some demented dream. I know she will come along i am just not the t of guy . to be fucked with i am a man with dignity i always have i always will i am proud of where i came from but life isnt correcting its self for so i guess I'll have to do somethin about it ... it wasnt suppose to end up like but nobody belives in fairy tales with princes or kings queens or royal familys ... that to me is fantasy it shouldnt have take up space in my mind cause to it's one big fucking myth! sorry! At my end I want to be sought after but I'll settle for me being who I am until she seeks me out! That's all I got! Is me! If that's not good for anyone I'll be alone!

    • Collection of hi 5 people nigty she Is my prized possession! If ya think ya could handle a wild girl like her Hi 5 her from it's as simple as that play hi 5 likes it supposed to be just might some one that will for ever change ya

    • Word Little girl if you Appreciate me as a God then get on ur knees and whip out Magnum Hard core " when ya treat me right you will recive x Marshall matters facial! That's is exactly whats going on I am Big enough to be the industry" x S2r are encouraged! " don't try my faith it does not exist!" Meganknees you're countdown and dismissal of the tagged app i promise I personally see to it that u are removed one more complaint about meganknees u will be done from our Plat form permanently

    • Sniper ur water gun run dry homr slice!

    • Shouldnt I be able to Charge for De Flowering $magnumpro hmu!

    • Lower apartment is being rented out in box me for details...

    • Hi 5 I am just that good!

    • This content is not allowed on Tagged and has been removed. // 2022 blogger // 3very pet profile i have DNCtouched has turned into a Gold mine if you play pets with me if I don't return buy right away I'm busy? " I will make time to get back to guys thanks for the support! MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR FUTIRE NOTICE THIS TIIME AROUND ITS PERSONAL!