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  • Michael K


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    I am a Witch

    i'm a shy person at first but once you get to know me i'm very chatty! :).

    March 16, 2017




  • About Me

    • Bullet For My Valentine, Attila, Chelsea Grin, Nightwish, and many more.

    • The Conjuring, Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, iBoy, Harry Potter. And many more.

    • Charmed, Once Upon a Time, The Originals, Emerald City.

    • Fallen, Torment, Rapture, Passion, Waterfall, Beautiful Creatures

    • Screenwriting, Film Directing, Photography, Music, Reading, Giging, clubbing, hanging with friends and family.

    • My dream is to be able to make short films for a living and be a professional screenwriter.

    • A lot of my friends say my best feature is my smile + personality and how i make them laugh and make there day.

    • 27 years old from Hucknall. I'm an upcoming Fantasy/ Supernatural Horror Screenwriter. I'm a lover of music, especially heavy metal, deathcore, and Northan Soul. I'm Norse Pagan.