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  • Willa Kissing ( NO MEN ) READ!


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    Straight male cross dresser seeking ONLY a WOMAN!

    February 15, 2017







  • About Me

    • I like old country not the modern country music. Rap can be good as long as it's not gangster or hateful type. I love all other music! Love 80's rock pop and punk music. I just love music of all eras and genres!

    • Too many movies to list. I do not like any actors or actresses personally. Because;When one lives in a multi million dollar world of wealth with security guards and a gated world of safety and security; how can they relate to the average persons daily life.

    • Hate TV; unless it is college football or UFC.

    • I don't read unless I am truly interested in something relating to my farm business or a place or point of interest I want to go and see or I am researching something I want to buy! The Bible front to back.

    • College Football, MMA. Hunting and fishing. Volleyball, Olympic wrestling, boxing, white water rafting, rock climbing.

    • WOMEN ONLY! Farm business building, sports, outdoor activities, swimming, white water rafting, shooting sports, camping, hunting and fishing, dancing and dining, movies and theatre, site seeing and travel. My Fetishes are cross dressing, role playing, and costume and lingerie wear and role playing which are also interests/hobbies and passions of mine and hopefully those of the woman that finds me here! A female Girly girl to out doorsy type dress up and play partner, lover and best friend!

    • I have accomplished all dreams except for finding a woman that loves a straight male fetishist cross dresser. A true lover of her cross dresser being supportive and loving! Very simple and honest dream so climb aboard and let's explore together. And if not fine get over your shock and go do something or someone else! At least I am flipping honest! All you haters there is a block button! Just block and do not send me you stupid comments. I would love to have a Girlfriend to dress up with and to go to events/parties/and places with her cross dressed as well as regular attire too!

    • Legs! Then body. Eyes.

    • 100% Straight male Fetishist crossdresser seeking a female by origins of her birth to build a respective, nurturing, and supportive loving relationship with. It would be great if she was a fetish minded girly girl, and actually wants to know me! I am extremely affectionate with a passion driven heart, very communicative, and if we are able to chat. Then please chat with me or I will leave the chat session. One word answers are not chatting! I have accomplished all other goals in life and retired to a Southern, Ohio farm, and seeking my lady love. Just because I am a cross dresser it does not mean I am any less masculine in life and the bedroom ladies, and maybe even more than you could handle because I am in touch with my feminine side!

    • Hi ladies; if you are on my friends list! Then be a true friend and communicate with me, or I will delete you off of the list. Friends talk, and I do not collect faces that don't talk with me! Be blessed this day is all your adventures! Sincerely Willa Kissing.

    • I know men do not read! But here goes to you anyway! Not interested in talking with or knowing a single one of you on here. I have all the male friends I want in my life already, and being a 100% straight male cross dresser. I AM DEFINITELY NOT INTERESTED IN YOU AT ALL! Now I will talk with fellow cross dressers as friends and supporters of each other. For all you hateful men and women that feel compelled to call me sick and make your stupid comments-Just Block me and move on. I am not contacting you! Have another biggie Fry, Biggie Drink, and Triple Big Mac while your at it! You can loose weight; get plastic surgery to fix ugly, but there is no fix for stupid narrow minded ignorance! Sincerely Your 27 year Army Veteran so you can be a safe little ignorant self!

    • Today I began to lay out naked on the farm to get that perfectly tanned body for summer!

    • Hey stupid Girls don't contact me in hopes of having me to send you money, or to financially assist you in any manner! It will never happen! My search is for a female lover; not a damn money pit I get nothing from or out of! I would pay a prostitute for her services before this would ever happen; at least I would of gotten something for my money this way!

    • Relationships take sacrifice by both parties to make it work, but You should not sacrifice yourself and whom you are for a relationship! That's called slavery!

    • I have retired from my career and I live alone on a rural country farm that I bought! I have been single for 13 years now, and it will take the right woman that loves a trans life styled person like me to change my single status. I do not need for anything or any one, but I do definitely desire a real life love relationship with a WOMAN ONLY! So that is what I am looking for here Ladies!

    • What in Gods good name is sexy about an over sized large chewed bubble gum looking Ass? It is actually very repulsive to me and extremely gross. Now a tight and firm Ass is a whole different story; Yum!

    • I will text if there is a genuine connection to be made.