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    Sorry, but I'm NOT here for Pets. I'm here for real life meeting or chat (if you're not in the area)

    December 29, 2016







  • About Me

    • I like most kinds of music from Mozart to Mushroomhead. I know that's only 'Mo' to 'Mu', but I'm not talking alphabetically.

    • I like a lot of different style movies. Styles from silly comedies to action to horror. And of course the classics... lesbian porn.

    • I like a lot of TV shows. Modern Family, Dexter, Schitt's Creek, Better Call Saul, Last Week Tonight, Orphan Black, Game Of Thrones, Blacklist.

    • I'm always reading something. My two favorite authors are: Clive Barker and Ayn Rand.

    • There is only 1 sport... hockey. I watch and play.

    • I don't have a ton of interests, but I am really into those that I have. I love music and I'm working on recording my vinyl collection to digital. I also like to travel and have been seeing Red Wings games in other cities. Was in Montreal in November 2016 and going to Dallas in January 2017.

    • My dream is to marry an Asian, bi-sexual, porn star, that's into bald, fat, old men. Since that limits me to about 1 woman on the planet, I'll have find an alternative.

    • My lack of back hair.

    • I’m in a very unusual (and drama free) relationship and not looking to change that. But we are both highly sexual and like a “little more.” And early on we had one “rule”: the pu**y makes all the rules. And this will probably sound like a typical cheater, but because of I just said, it is her rules. She’s bi and I’m the only man she wants, but she is allowed to be with any woman she wants. And she’s okay with me being with other women. Now you should understand why I’m not looking to change my situation. I have the most understanding partner... EVER. And nobody will read this far, but I’m only interested in 2 things... conversation or real life meetings. So don’t like my profile if you are looking for a soulmate - unless of course, you want to help me live out my fantasies.

    • A bisexual woman to join me and my girlfriend in some naughty fun. This is NOT a 2 women pleasuring 1 guy situation. Interaction between the women is a requirement. If women are your thing... you can also have 1-on-1 time with my girlfriend. If women aren’t your thing... 1-on-1 time with me is also an option. If you’re interested in me only here are some turn-ons (but NOT requirements): married; sweaty, intense, passionate, marathon sex, teasing, voyeurism, hairy pu**y, age difference, older women, out-of-towners, ... I should list the things that don’t turn me on... that would be much shorter.

    • a soul mate, a better half, a knight in shining armor, or a king to your queen.

    • you are a bisexual (or bi-curious) looking for some girl-on-girl naughty fun with the possibility for me to join in occasionally.

    • you are looking for a traditional committed relationship. Or if you are not within "road trip" driving distance. My girlfriend and I are open to the occasional out of town visit.

    • I'm on the Highway To Hell, but all my friends will be there too. Looking for a bisexual woman that will occasionally join us in some adult fun. Something ongoing so that we can trust each other. And ongoing will also help us learn each other and what turns us on. Maybe we have a foreign exchange student living with us. Or maybe you have a married friend whose husband does not approve of her interest in women. I could sometimes watch or you could involve me if both of you are into it. Would also consider an open relationship.

    • The woman always cums first.... multiple times.

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