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  • David H


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    Hi Ladies

    July 13, 2015






  • About Me

    • I prefer OLDER MATURE Ladies. I am not here to buy anything or send money to anyone. Move on if that is your intent. I am Here to have fun and if we seem to enjoy one another ... hopefully a meeting

    • I am here as a result of loneliness, i do enjoy sex very much and at my age i still cant seem to get i do use viagra now and then i am a fan of the BBW i do prefer a woman with some meat on her bones i am not looking to remarry any time soon so if thats what you are looking for ....please move on.

    • I do have a webcam on this laptop so we can see each other if we become interested in one another. i am retired and do drive to sunny and warm destinations in the states every year after christmas. ...Can only take so much i am looking for someone to accompany me