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    Treet folks the way you whant treeted, the spririt of the light thst is life if not a translations

    June 23, 2015




    Caucasian/White, Native American



  • About Me

    • i make it my owen-lol TO EACH IS THIRE OWUN ---LOL

    • alll steven king movies and anything like them plus im a thinker so go figger-lol im a joker im a toker im a midnight rider-lol and aso a morning person Hay no rest, right-?-. and we will sleep some day in the end of our, own world.

    • Ancet alliens. History channel, and funny comediins, abubulasly-lol

    • The Holy Bible , and all other old books of the same time arras and Plant books, AND solar POWER.

    • FOOT BALL WALKING- staying in good shape as long as posbel- By doing what ever i can.

    • , Pets Game,, and gardning, the Holy bibel , Family- erbs and berrys and jules rubies and awso knolige even tho id never youse it-lol but the intrest in arkulogty spelling im week its becus i cant se slow enouth-lol.

    • TO SEE THE PLANET EARTH BECOM WHATS WRITEN BEFOR AND THE RESON ADOME WAS PUT HERE ON EARTH TO MAKE THE EARTH A GARDEN . so that theyd be a reil purpus and jobs for all mankind plus plany of good natril food and medicens and a balence of nathuer- we will be helthy enouth to bild oure oun homes and .

    • IM A BELIVER IN ALL THINGS UNDER THE SUN , And beneth, the the earth. becus you can bleave all things are true acorden to the persons ability to prove the truth-lol