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  • About Me

    • I'm old school unto death, so my music is not the current top 40. I love R&B, Pop, smooth jazz, classic rock, some country, ask me.

    • Drama, Romance, Comedy, Action, Science Fiction.

    • NCIS, Law and Order, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods

    • The Bible. Books that inspire me or teach me. I have too many to list here, and the list changes all the time. Some of my favorite authors are my friends.

    • Not a big sports fan, I'll watch it sometimes, but not if my company is not interested.

    • Making a living online, helping others do it. Contact Management and teaching it. Building Golden Relationships around the world.

    • Traveling the world, staying in places I've only seen in pictures and movies. Sharing that experience with someone that I love. Making new friends from all over the world.

    • My faith.

    • Who I am may mean a lot to you, but honestly, knowing me is not an easy thing to do. I like to have fun and meet new people. I like to travel to New places and see new things. I love being social and chatting about matters of charity and giving. I love people who have others in mind more than themselves. People who are willing learn new things and dream outside of the box are my favorite types of people. I am a new real estate investor, so I'm always looking for a great deal. I also love getting donations to support my interests, which is mainly acquiring investment property. I get an average of $30K every 3 months. If your need help like this you should contact me. I'll help you get what you need to move your dreams forwards. If you or someone you know would like to get free training and support go to my training site and sign up: Being real to me is more attractive than being flashy. Heart matters matter most. Mindfulness is very important to me. Are you?