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  • Brandy A


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    Here comes trouble !!

    July 1, 2014







  • About Me

    • Rock n roll baby... Disturbed , slipknot, lacuna coil, papa roach etc etc

    • Any good horror

    • Dont really do tv

    • Dean koontz steven king

    • NY Giants , Fsu, Tim brown modified racer

    • Classic cars , camping , bonfires , Racing , football, Being a smart ass

    • Simple.... To be happy and make others smile

    • Hair

    • Not here to get laid or see your dirty pictures and im not going to show you mine. Be respectful or go away. Im single ..but your gonna have to be pretty special to change that. If you expect me to respond to your email then dont start off with hey sexy or hey baby. My name is right on my profile. Use it. If your from another country .... dont waste your time , i wont respnd