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  • Michael riley

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    Ferocious Bengal

    Looking for serious relationship i want someone who will treat me right

    March 8, 2014




  • About Me

    • I like dance pop and I old school music including britney spears, beyonce, akon and cascada

    • I love my horrors, thriller, action and little bit of romance.i love twilight, the amityville horror, heart stoppers, tremors, gremlins, critters, expendables, all hero movies

    • I love the vampire diary's. smallville family guy American dad I also like the Simpsons the best onces I like are the horror buffy and angel and anything to do with animals

    • animal books, harry potter and the vampire diaries

    • i like swimming and going to the gym and if u can count sex as a sport then count me in

    • animals especially reptiles, going gym, fishing and going cinema going out chilling with mates and having a laugh

    • to become a dad and have a nice gf

    • i have a gd sense of humor and i give people loads of chances and alot of the time people say im too nice for my own gd i know i might not be very good looking but i have a good personality

    • I'm 22 i live in Stockpot. I have a snake called Rosie and two cats which are my baby's which are called scarlet and Salem? and i have got a flat i have lived inn for over 4 years now oh and i mainly go for personality looks are just an added bonus oh and i have facebook as well. i dnt believe in cheating i dnt see how anyone cd do it i believe in staying faithful when in a relationship and always show them the amount of love and respect i wanna be shown.and i like to have a drink on special occasions and i want someone who will accept me for who i am and if anyone is interested in me just send me a message and lets get chatting

    • Aquarius

    • 25/01/1992

    • get to know me quite alot first and if things go really well then u might get my number