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  • Chuck


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    February 25, 2014




    Caucasian/White, Hispanic/Latino, Middle Eastern, Native American



  • About Me

    • I enjoy all types of music

    • I like the NBA Golden State Warriors. The winter and summer Olympics

    • I love the outdoors, hiking, rafting, concerts, beaches, I love to travel. I'M very social like people and have a positive attitude.

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    • First, let me say. I am very healthy. I enjoy being active. I enjoy playing pets. I have had the opportunity to meet many people good people, very friendly and kind. I have much respect for the opposite sex. I believe that a woman should be treated like a lady. My mother always said be kind to everyone especially a woman. Show them much respect. I don't understand these men hitting a woman. A man that does that to a woman is a dirty dog, he's a coward.. I enjoy giving her love and affection and showing her that I do respect her now just telling her that in words. This is who I am as a person. I want to say thank you to all my friends. Although I'm looking for a permanent relationship. I work for the government as an epidemiologist. I provide education/training to physicians and nurses on various types of diseases that enter our country. I am now working on the coronavirus 19. Please call my friends stay safe to wear your mask at all times. Keep a good distance from people especially crowds